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Dec 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
fields forever, not only one of the greatest eagles song of all time, but the name of the group that pays tribute to john, paul, ringo, and george. all that and more over the next hour. but first, let me give you some headlines. mastercard is that with some big news as the markets close. the second-biggest payments network saying the board raise the firm's dividend 83%, and also approved a 10 for one stock split. the company raising its quarterly dividend to $1.10 per share and also authorizing the repurchasing as much as $1.3 billion worth of stock. h&r block reported earnings. the second quarter loss was wider than expected. and shares of starbucks falling the most in almost a year. the coffee company's sales growth in the americas may be slowing. until today, starbucks stock had gained nearly 50% so far this year. those are the top headlines. my radio cohost and bloomberg chief national correspondent carol massar is currently in louisville, kentucky. she got behind the scenes and took a look at ups during one of of year fortimes the company. tell us more. time ofitely a busy year
Dec 9, 2013 7:00pm EST
subjected to snow, it included eagles game in philadelphia, turning it into a "snow bowl." there are bullish bets for natural gas. gas, energyatural futures were lower across the board with gold and metals higher on that weekend -- weakened dollar. and we are seeing hedge funds the least bullish on gold since 2004. ,et long positions in gold fell more than in five years, according to trading data last month. this was within half a percent of the record reached in july. lookinge, analysts were at the oil prices falling for a second week, it as they boost the oil supply. the bullish bets on oil are the most since july. >> su keenan, thank you. nigeria has developed considerable wealth for a small percentage of its population, and the high level of wealth has led to an increasing appetite for luxury brands. bloomberg's tom gibson reports. these sparkling watches are not in the shop windows of london or z√úrich. is the largest city in nigeria. here, the wealthy used to have to go abroad for luxury staples. now, big brands come to them. >> it is a big luxury for the brands to be here. end
Dec 10, 2013 3:00pm EST
artists hit the rightnow when it comes to music and sales. and strawberry fields forever, not only one of the greatest eagles
Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
of michigan confidence. also, we have american eagle outfitters out before the bell. alan greenspan will speak. he called it a bubble. bitcoin made aon splash. >> and the dfo
Dec 6, 2013 6:00am EST
have american eagle outfitters out before the bell. alan greenspan will speak. he called it a bubble. bitcoin made aon splash. next year'sraw for soccer world cup will take place in brazil. it will determine the competition at the tournament. this is a big deal. >> that is more foreign than the jobs report, actually. >> state tuned. current, commodities, stocks, bonds -- we're nearing 1800 and the futures. yields go out. the dollar is stronger, con founding germany. they won a weaker euro and they do not get it. -- this is aond big deal. underer chinese currency, is at australian dollar .91. we scoured the papers. so much is going on this morning. all of it is centered on the passing of nelson mandela. >> he is the front page story. today is job stay. the results of the survey say that payrolls have increased in the month of november. >> the feeling is like this? >> it will probably declined to a low. the assessments have been upgraded. and financial capital rights this warning that bond investors are ratcheting up their payroll expectations above 200,000. the investor feeling within
Dec 10, 2013 1:00am EST
have had a solid week of eagle momentum until now is what analysts are telling me. we have a disappointment in form momenta.s factory production rising 10% a year ago, and analysts are telling me that just a couple minutes ago that export growth according to the industrial survey is actually inflated and it reinforces their view that double-digit export growth in september is likely disguised as trade flows. take that as you will. >> at 10:00 this morning, we will get earnings from qe travel. >> a very good day to you. we are going to get the numbers. we have had a number of conversations with peter long and we will again today. this time he is doing his conversation live from the google headquarters. could there be something in the presence at google headquarters in terms of how we are going to interact with qe travel? we know technology is the forefront. 341 million pounds in terms of net income. get ready for a little bit of a boost to the dividend. you'll have that conversation with peter long himself live after he is done the initial sweep of numbers. >> coming up, inves
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm EST
different areas. we have american eagle outfitters lowering its forecast. thought theye would see declines, but they are not. area up byr goods 0.6%. personal goods, you can see from this, two stocks are rising. even though american outfitters have downgraded their forecast, li and fung seeing gains at the moment. that is one of the areas seeing performance. the nikkei in japan, also green. that is down to largely the yen. look at that. , telecom aboute 2.5%. services up by 3.2%. you can see the computer -- tech equipment is rising 1.6%. the reason for that is this yen weakness. at that. it really has weakened significantly. it was 100 a few days ago. now it is 103. there could be issues about yen depreciation. the likes of china, south korea won't be happy with that. >> breaking news out of sri lanka. the central bank keeping interest rates on hold at 6.5%. we will be talking to the central bank governor and a couple of hours. the thai prime minister is to dissolve parliament. this as antigovernment protesters returned to the streets. from locke -- prime minister in luck -- yingl
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7